You can put your family history on the World Wide Web for free.  It is pretty easy. This site explains one way to do it.

First create your family blog. There are a number of free blogging services. The one I like the best is blogger by Google.

Click on:

Create your account, choose the name of your blog, create the blog, and start blogging. Directions at this link:

After you have created the blog return here to get some tips on how to make it mobettah.

Just put some simple information on at first. You can make it more complex over time.

This is a simple blog about my Great Uncle who died in World War II.

Here we put my grand parents story on line:

Here is a more complex blog about our extended Hullinger family. All of our family info is listed in the right column of the blog. Use one  blog as your master blog, linking to all the other blogs and documents that you create.

You can put photos of your family on the net.

And you can put your military stories on line:

Or your military unit:

If you write a good deal here is an example of putting your stories on line. This is my mothers blog:

This is an interesting blog where my wife found her sister when both women were in the 60's. They had both been adopted and had no knowledge of each other before they found each other.

You can create videos by interviewing family members. You can do short interviews with your cell phone. You can also put them on line on blogs.

You can try to get your family to contribute to the blog but this is difficult. It is generally easier to get them contributing using Facebook which is set up better for simple exchanges by many people.

Go to  Join and learn how to use Facebook, then create a page using the same name that you use for your blog. Then let your family know about the page and get them to read and contribute thoughts and photos.

Using these simple techniques lets you put your family information on line. You can of course also print copies or make DVD's and physically distribute the material.

Will this information stay on line forever?  Well, we don't know for sure, but Google and numerous other companies have made on line storage free for many years, getting paid by advertising when people use the service. Storage gets cheaper all the time, so I think it will stay free on line, perhaps forever.

Nothing stops you from printing the material or putting it on ad DVD. But it gets wider dissemination on the internet and costs less and is environmentally more friendly.

Of course some of this may be a bit complicated for you. If that is the case draft one of your children or grand children to put the information on line. Tell them what to do, which is how it should be.

Have fun.

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